Molecular Templates, Inc.


Creating Novel Therapies for Cancer and Other Serious Diseases

Molecular Templates is developing novel therapies in oncology and other serious diseases through its proprietary biologic engineered toxin body (ETB) drug platform. ETBs are targeted, can induce their own internalization, and can destroy cells through novel mechanisms of action.

Technology That Sets Us Apart

Our ETBs:

  • Offer a new modality against clinically established targets;
  • Force internalization of poorly or non-internalizing target receptors;
  • Possess a potent and novel mechanism of action to destroy cells;
  • Deliver payloads including antigen seeding technology; and
  • Employ a proprietary de-immunized toxin scaffold to reduce adaptive and innate response.
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Our Developing Pipeline Addresses Multiple Indications

Molecular Templates has multiple compounds in the clinic.

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MT-0169 is a 2nd generation ETB that utilizes a genetically engineered de-immunized Shiga-like toxin A-subunit (SLTA) designed to reduce the potential for innate and adaptive immunogenicity. MT-0169 targets CD38, a poorly internalizing receptor expressed on myeloma cells. MT-0169 was designed to directly kill CD38-expressing tumor cells via ribosomal inactivation.

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MT-6402 is a 3rd generation ETB that shares the de-immunized scaffold used with 2nd-generation ETBs and is further engineered to deliver a viral foreign class I peptide (antigen seeding) to alter the tumor immunophenotype. MT-6402 is designed to induce potent anti-tumor effects via PD-L1 targeting through multiple mechanisms that may overcome the limitations of the PD-L1 antibodies.

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Continuing Discovery Through Partnerships

Molecular Templates continues to gain external validation of the ETB platform through discovery and clinical-stage collaborations with pharma. The company’s partnership with Bristol-Myers Squibb is focused on the discovery and development of multiple novel therapies designed for specific oncology targets.

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Leaders with Experience and Passion

The Molecular Templates leadership team has a track record of success in biotechnology and pharmaceuticals. We are driven to improve outcomes for cancer patients.