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Specifically Engineered to Eliminate CD38 Expressing Cells

MT-0169 is a second generation engineered toxin body (ETB) that is a single-chain variable fragment (scFv) with an affinity for CD38, fused to the enzymatically active de-immunized Shiga-like toxin-A subunit (SLTA). MT-0169 specifically binds and kills CD38 expressing cells consistent with SLTA mediated cellular cytotoxicity.

MT-0169 is designed to avoid competition with and to overcome the primary mechanisms of tumor resistance to daratumumab. The MT-0169 candidate is active in the presence of daratumumab, which we believe demonstrates its potential to be combined with approved CD38 targeted therapies.

MT-0169 mediates enzymatic and irreversible ribosomal inhibition and induces direct cell death so changes in the tumor microenvironment, such as CD55/59 upregulation, which inhibit immune-mediated mechanisms such as antibody-dependent cell-mediated cytotoxicity (ADCC) or complement-dependent cytotoxicity (CDC) are not expected to inhibit MT-0169 activity.

Program Partner Indication (Target) Preclinical Phase 1 Phase 2 Phase 3 Next Stage
MT-0169 Multiple Myeloma (CD38)
Preclinical Phase complete
Phase 1 Phase in progress
Phase 2 Phase not started
Phase 3 Phase not started

Key Benefits

A Potential New CD38 Targeting Agent

  • MT-0169’s mechanism of action (MOA) efficiently internalizes against low-or high-expressing CD38.
  • It has reduced ADA and innate response (de-immunized STLA scaffold).
  • MT-0169’s MOA is distinct from that of antibodies and enables potential use following post-daratumumab failure and in combo with SOC.
  • Its activity is retained in the presence of daratumumab in pre-clinical models.
  • MT-0169 is active in patient samples (including daratumumab-refractory samples).
  • It has shown activity in multiple xenograft models when dosed weekly or bi-weekly.

Clinical Overview

Dosing was initiated for the Phase 1 clinical trial for MT-0169 in the first quarter of 2020. Although MT-0169 is more potent than our prior program, MT-3724 (our first generation CD20-targeted ETB), it was tolerated at much higher doses than was MT-3724 in non-human primates. The protocol for the dose escalation for MT-0169 starts at 50 mcg/kg. The protocol includes once weekly and once every two-week dosing schedules.

Posters & Presentations

Posters & Presentations

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